Studio Lesson Policy

My policy for the structure of lessons is detailed below in order to create an effective and efficient learning process for the student. Please make sure to follow all the rules accordingly. If you have special circumstances you can contact me directly or via my facebook page and I will respond as soon as possible.


I am available at three different locations – Elizabethtown College, State Street Academy of Music, and Perfect 5th Music & Arts Center. You can submit your desired location for the lesson(s) via the lesson scheduling page.

Attendance & Scheduling

All students should arrive ten minutes before their appointed lesson time to allow for set-up and to make sure that they are able to make use of the full amount of allotted time.

In the event that I need to cancel a lesson, provided payment has already been provided, a credit will be applied to the following month’s billing (or individual lesson billing, whichever is applicable), or a make-up lesson will be scheduled.

If a student should need to reschedule or cancel a lesson they must allow a 24-hour notice ahead of time with the exception of emergencies or illness. If notified before the 24-hour time frame, provided that payment has already been submitted, that payment will be transferred to the next lesson or monthly billing. If notified within the 24-hour period, no refunds or credits can be given.

If a student should miss their lessons for two consecutive weeks without notice or explanation, they will forfeit their lesson time.


Individual lesson payment must occur within 24 hours of the lesson taking place. For monthly payments, billing will occur during the last lesson of the previous month (i.e. lessons beginning in June will be billed during the last lesson in May).

Payment is accepted for lessons by cash, check, or electronically as detailed on the lesson scheduling page.

If a student wishes to cancel lessons, they must provide at least two weeks notice if paying weekly or one monthly billing cycle if paying monthly. If notified after these time frames, refunds cannot be given.

Practice Expectations

Daily practice is expected. I recommend beginning with 20 minutes a day dedicated to uninterrupted, distraction free focus on playing. We will gradually build on that time block as skill and requirements increase in difficulty.


I will take students from ages 7 and older with ranging skill levels including beginner, intermediate, and advanced ability. Just interested in learning more about the cello before taking the next steps? No problem. Contact me with any questions, concerns, suggestions, or recommendations. I will do my best to get you where you want to be.

If you have any questions about my policy structure that is not listed above, please contact me so that I can address your concerns and also update my policy info for further use. I look forward to working with you soon!